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  • Description

    This CLE course will provide advanced instruction in the unique and largely unknown area of timeshare law. The course will provide more detailed approaches to higher level problem resolution of complex issues as well as proper case management of protocols and specifics that are unique to this area.

    Topics discussed in this CLE Course are as follows: Resolution of Paid in Full; Sale/rent; Transfers; Deed back; Resolution of Mortgage notes; Contracts/Engagement Agreements with Clients; Advertising; Litigation and Arbitration Strategies.

  • Instructor Bio

    Padraic Deighan

    Padraic Deighan is an Attorney, Consultant, Speaker, M.B.A. and holder of Ph.D degrees in Quantum Analysis and Astrophysics. He is the former CEO of the nations’ largest network of dermatology and plastic surgery centers/medical spas.

    Dr Deighan has been involved in the legal aspects of timeshare for more than 25 years. He has testified as an expert in this field in more than 30 lawsuits – for both Plaintiff and defense counsel.

    Dr. Deighan has spoken at some of the most prestigious universities and organizations such as Yale University, Harvard University, and he has been a featured speaker at many of the most prestigious Venture Capital symposiums.

    Dr. Deighan is a scientific consultant to the several international aerospace firms. He was also a partner in NASA’s first Venture Capital fund.

    Patrick Thompson

    Mr. Thompson has been engaged in the practice of law since 2007. In his capacity as Attorney he has represented clients in a variety of fields including property law, contractual/civil, landlord/tenant, bankruptcy and immigration. From 2009-2016 he ran his own firm. Since 2016 he has been working with Mr. Deighan in timeshare defense and settlement. In this capacity he has assisted thousands of timeshare owners and has been involved in every aspect of timeshare law from settlement of paid in full timeshares to arbitration to mortgage foreclosure defense. He resides in Orlando Florida.