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Appealing and Litigating Health Care and Long-Term Disability Insurance Denials

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    Even the highest premiums won’t protect patients from being denied medical insurance claims. The scrutiny under which the health care system places medical procedures and long-term disability care has made the denial of claims increasingly common, not to mention frustrating. But before filing an appeal, it’s imperative to understand the appeal and litigation process. David Trueman presents this fascinating CLE course in which he explains the various types of medical insurances and their areas of coverage and then explores the critical aspects of filing an appeal and litigating denials. Trueman pays special attention to key issues such as establishing the basis for an appeal, gaining support from medical professionals, preparing documents and specific strategies that can be used for different types of insurance plans.

  • Instructor Bio

    David Trueman

    David Trueman is an attorney as well as a psychologist and a graduate of Columbia University School of Law. He represents individuals and health care professionals in a variety of areas including practice issues, health care coverage and reimbursement, insurance matters, long-term disability, and medical malpractice. He has made law in the Second Circuit and New York State enhancing patients' rights' in relation to insurance companies and managed care entities. Dr. Trueman often writes and lectures on health law, insurance, and managed care issues, and conducts Continuing Legal Education seminars for practicing attorneys. He currently is an adjunct faculty member at Columbia University School of Law where he teaches "Health Law" and "Access to Health Care."