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  • Description

    Writing a civil motion requires a specific set of knowledge and skills. This one hour CLE course will provide the basics for writing civil motions for filing in the New York State Supreme Court. The course will review how to draft and produce a NYSCEF-ready motion which includes Notice of Motion, Attorney Affirmation and Memorandum of Law. The course will also explain how to plan and organize the process of writing to ensure high-quality motions that will succeed in providing the best results for your clients.

  • Instructor Bio

    Michael Leinoff

    Michael Leinoff has been an attorney since 2008 and has experience in an expansive and varied array of practice areas. He has been a prosecutor, a collection lawyer, and general counsel to a suite of corporations, a role for which he was charged with originating and building an entire legal department from the ground up.

    Today, Mr. Leinoff concentrates his practice in commercial litigation, employment, and housing law. He has represented all manner of clients, including landlords, tenants, small and large businesses, trusts, and individuals, either seeking to enter into or litigating financial matters.

    Early in his career, Mr. Leinoff developed his unique system for researching and drafting legal papers. This system, which he teaches in today’s CLE lecture, has resulted in the ability to draft accurate, powerful motions quickly and successfully. Mr. Leinoff is respected by both colleagues and adversaries alike as a skilled and experienced legal writer, known for drafting winning motions and briefs in any court in which he practices.