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    Without time and support to adjust to the sudden change, even sudden wealth can be a burden. In fact, the term Sudden Wealth Syndrome was coined to explain what happens when unexpected or abrupt fortune creates overwhelming pressures, leading to emotional or behavioral issues. Often the result of this syndrome is to squander the inheritance.

    This CLE course will explain how to protect your client against their own imprudence, and the potential legal consequences of failing to do so. The course will explain specific provisions that should be included in estate planning to ensure the beneficiaries get the maximum benefit from their inheritance.

  • Instructor Bio

    Paul Deloughery

    Paul E. Deloughery, Esq. is the founder of Sudden Wealth Protection Law, PLC [LINK TO], a leading law firm dedicated to helping financially successful families maintain their wealth for multiple generations. He graduated With Honors from the Iowa College of Law and is AV-rated by Martindale-Hubbell. He is also a Certified Family Wealth Advisor through the Family Firm Institute.

    Paul started his law firm after his own personal experience with Sudden Wealth Syndrome, a psychological condition that results from receiving a financial windfall. He had been an estate planning and asset protection attorney for affluent families since 2003. However, in 2009, Paul inherited $14 million from his father and proceeded to lose most of it through bad investments and poor choices. That experience led Paul to realize that estate planning attorneys and financial advisors do a poor job of actually helping ensure that inheritances “stick.” The Gold Standard of estate planning has been to avoid probate, minimize taxes, and reduce the likelihood of family quarrels … with next to no attention on whether their clients’ heirs will actually be able to hold onto the inheritances.

    Paul has created the only directory of professionals who serve recipients of financial windfalls. It is called the Sudden Wealth Directory. Paul’s practice emphasizes the areas of integrated corporate, estate and asset protection planning, trust administration, business formation, estate and trust litigation, and malpractice claims against estate planning lawyers. He can be reached at 602-443-4888 or