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  • Description

    In today’s tech-driven global economy, trademarks may be a company’s most important asset. By marketing products virtually, start-ups can quickly reach customers in foreign countries at a click. But how to ensure that a client’s trademarks are protected abroad? And how to do it cost-effectively?

    This CLE course will explain how to establish and maintain trademark rights globally through an understanding of global treaties. How to craft an effective strategy and enforce and defend trademark rights across regardless of location will be presented as will an understanding of national and regional registration rules.

  • Instructor Bio

    Mark Peroff

    Mark Peroff is a partner in the firm Peroff Saunders, P.C. which specializes in intellectual property protection, focusing on trademark and copyright protection. He is a seasoned intellectual property attorney who has over 30 years of experience helping clients protect their IP asserts in the United States and virtually all countries throughout the world.

    Mark's positions at the USPTO, industry, and private practice have enable him to develop and implement effective strategies to facilitate procuring, monetizing, enforcement, and defending IP rights. He represents a diverse group of high profile US and foreign based clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies, midsized companies, to start-ups for-profit and not-for- profit enterprises. Having filed over 7,000 US trademark applications and thousand more foreign trademark applications, he is responsible for managing large trademark portfolios.

    In addition, Mark represents clients in trademark and copyright litigation in federal courts throughout the US as well as in business transactions.

    Academic Background:

    • Juris Doctorate Degree: University of Cincinnati
    • Bachelor of Arts- History: University of Cincinnati
    • Bar Admission: State of New York