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Know What Evidence You Have and How to Use That Evidence at Trial

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Live Webinar
Live Webinar
11:00AM - 12:00PM EDT
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    In order to persuade the factfinder, whether judge or jury, a trial lawyer, whether it’s a civil or criminal trial, must not only uncover the evidence that proves or disproves the cause at issue, but consider how this mixed question of fact and law may result in the evidence being admitted to have any effect on the outcome.

    Mark Twain once said that the person who expects to get up when giving a dinner speech and have that moment of inspiration as one rises does not understand the need for careful preparation. The evidence one offers at trial must be carefully considered, and in advance of trial.

    Your opponent’s evidence must be scrutinized to exclude what “evidence” is fatally defective. Let’s share a discussion how we can do that best.

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    John Flannery

    Originally from the South Bronx, and taught by the Jesuits, John earned physics and engineering degrees (from Fordham (BS) and Columbia (IE) and a law degree – JD - (from Columbia School of Law)(was Managing Editor, Columbia Human Rights Law Review); years later, John earned an MSIS (Masters in Information Science, GW Graduate School).

    After Columbia, John clerked in the 2nd Circuit US Court of Appeals, apptd by Judge Paul R. Hays, served as a federal prosecutor, apptd by Paul Curran, at the renowned Southern District of New York, in major narcotics cases, and official corruption. Afterwards, John was a Sr. Trial Assoc. at a highly regarded mid-town NY law firm founded by FDR Jr, namely, Poletti Friedin Prashker Feldman & Gartner; John was the firm’s trial counsel, representing 14 airlines and the ATA, during the Air Traffic Controllers Strike (PATCO), and negotiated a settlement of $28.9 Million for damages because of the strike.

    John served as Special Counsel to the U.S. Senate and House Judiciary and Labor Committees, also as Chief of Staff for Rep. Zoe Lofgren, ran Hill investigations, worked on legislation, and defended (with other Hill counsel) the Clinton impeachment. On Judiciary, he uncovered a plot by fugitive financier Robert Vesco to subvert the US ban against sending C-130 transports to Qaddafi by bribing public officials, and, on the Labor Committee, John uncovered how the former Labor Secretary Ray Donovan was confirmed in large part because the FBI concealed that Donovan had mob associates that he denied having. John once ran for the US Congress in Virginia, but the voters decided he should remain a trial lawyer.

    John spent the majority of his 50 year career at the law in private practice in NY and the DC-Virginia- West Virginia jurisdictions; he has appeared in other states and territories, from Hawaii, to the Virgin Islands, pro hac vice. Among other undertakings, John has served as a VA Special Justice (deciding commitment proceedings). John authored a book on “Pain in America,” has written law review articles, delivered lectures, written op eds, produced a podcast “Let Freedom Ring,” and made frequent appearances on tv and radio including MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and Fox, to discuss law and politics,

    John can be found on twitter (@jonflan ), email ( ), his cell (202-365-5060), and there’s a more detailed resume and information about his law firm, Campbell Flannery, at the firm’s website (

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