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  • Description

    Designed for those who have resisted going full digital, this CLE course will present the concepts behind taking all functions to the cloud. The course will offer an introduction to owning a domain and integrated mail services as well as potential domain-wide integrations. The various types of practice management software and the advantages and disadvantages of the services they offer, the use of digital files and servers, the cloud vs. the private cloud, phone and fax systems and client communication through document sharing will all be discussed. The course will also explain what to look for, what to avoid and how to create a successful integrated system.

  • Instructor Bio

    Alexander Paykin

    Alexander Paykin is a solo practitioner running a cloud based, paperless and digitally integrated office. With phone calls that follow him wherever he goes, faxes that appear on his phone and tablet, video conferencing on the move, file access from any place on earth and all client, billing and administrative issues at his fingertips. With an undergraduate degree in Computer Information Systems from SUNY Stony Brook University, years of experience in the development of custom software and hardware solutions for the medical and legal professions, and after having worked in an in-house general counsel’s office and as a firm associate, then operated and managed both a solo and small 3 partner firm, and advised other small law firms on technology solutions, Mr. Paykin consults individual firms on their individual ideal needs and implementation strategies.