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  • Description

    Whether to learn more about a prosecution case, test legal theories for the defense or lock in a witness’s story, preliminary and other pre-trial evidentiary hearings provide excellent opportunities. Considering the goals of each hearing is important, even when they are not decided in our favor, as well as that of each witness and each topic uncovered. Understanding the goals can help determine the strategy and tactics to be used at the hearing, in particular the choice of questioning technique.

    This CLE course will focus specifically on the use of “discovery cross” techniques in order to uncover facts as well as lock in witness testimony. The course will explain how to build a solid transcript that will both pre-empt and prevent a witness from evading impeachment. The course will also explore client-centered counseling tips to prepare them for a hearing and buy in to the strategy. Handling objections and other legal issues will be presented.

  • Instructor Bio

    Cathleen Bennett

    Cathleen L. Bennett is an Assistant Training Director for the National Association for Public Defense, and a training and trial consultant. Cathy recently moved to Anchorage, Alaska from Boston, Massachusetts where she was a public defender with the Committee for Public Counsel Services (the Massachusetts Statewide Public Defender) for 30 years. She was the Criminal Defense Training Director at CPCS for 17 years.

    As a trial lawyer trial lawyer in the CPCS Public Defender Division, she defended clients charged with murder and other serious felonies. Cathy is on the faculty and the Board of Regents of the National Criminal Defense College. She is a Core Faculty member of Gideon’s Promise, which was the subject of the award-winning HBO documentary “Gideon’s Army,” and she has taught for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and criminal defense training programs across the country.

    She received the Thurgood Marshall Award from the Committee for Public Counsel Services in 2007, the Scholar-Mentor Award from Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, Inc. (MCLE) in 2008, the Outstanding Faculty Award in 2011 and the Stephen B. Bright Award in 2018 from Gideon’s Promise, and the Gideon Award from the Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in 2017.