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    The protection of one’s personal data has gained a lot of attention recently. In the EU, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was passed as a means of protecting its citizens. Passed in April 2016, it impacts any entity with online interests, regardless of whether it is in the EU or not. This CLE course will provide a comprehensive overview of the law and its history, as well as discuss notable cases and news since it became enforceable in 2018. The extent of its impact and the potential for huge fines for those who attempt to circumvent the rules, will all be addressed in this informative course.
  • Instructor Bio

    Logan Lo

    E. Logan Lo joined Woods Lonergan PLLC in 2009. Since that time, Logan has worked diligently on the firm’s intellectual property and technology law matters, collaborating with the firm’s litigation group on nearly all intellectual property disputes. Logan’s area of concentration includes developing technology, cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, block-chain technology, and GDPR compliance.

    Logan provides targeted outside counsel to several major e-commerce and international businesses, and he is one of less than 350 MAI designated real estate appraisers in New York State and 7,430 worldwide. Logan’s background involves extensive publishing and speaking with numerous accolades for his work as an IP Lecturer for

    Previously, Logan served as an associate editor and monthly columnist for the e-commerce magazine, eSecurities, distributed by the ABA and Leader publications. Further, he has been nationally published in and Computer Shopper magazine and has also presented on “An Overview of Moral Rights in the United States” at the Third Annual Art and Law Seminar held at the Maison du Barreau in Paris, sponsored by the Bar Associations of Paris, Barcelona, and Málaga.

    Logan holds a JD from Fordham Law School and a cum laude degree in Independent Studies from Cornell. He is admitted to practice in New York.