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The Deposition Whisperer: How to be the Alpha and Control the Room

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    Hone your deposition skills in this CLE workshop designed to smooth client relationships and provide you with greater control over witness and adversary outcomes. Using the proven strategies presented in this CLE course, you will achieve an insight into how leading professional conduct depositions for more consistently positive outcomes. By drawing your attention to opportunities often wasted in discovery and learning to capitalize on them as well as integrating controlling law, practical and ethical consideration and other techniques, even the novice attorney can become a pro.
  • Instructor Bio

    Charles Bonfante

    Charles Bonfante III hails from LI, NY where he lives and works. Mr. Bonfante has been representing those involved in accidents for over a decade. Before striking out on his own, he was a lawyer for the second largest insurance company in America. During his stint there, he was responsible for hundreds of case files. During this time he had the opportunity to work with and against the best lawyers in NY. He quickly realized the level of service he would provide his clients when he later started his own practice. This background has given Mr. Bonfante a unique perspective of which few personal injury lawyers can boast. Among many valuable skills, he learned how insurance companies view cases like yours. As one of their lawyers, he dealt with the adjusters who decide how much victims receive. During his tenure there, he routinely defended the individuals being sued. It was his job to discover and exploit any weaknesses in the victims’ case and minimize the amount paid to them. When you hire us, you benefit from this experience. Mr. Bonfante knows how the insurance companies think and operate. He knows the strategies used to take advantage of people who have been hurt when they are at their most vulnerable. He will anticipate how the army of lawyers who line up against you view your case and decide how much, if anything, you will be paid. Mr. Bonfante understands the physical and emotional trauma, as well as the financial hardship that can result from serious injuries sustained as a result of an accident & is ready use his legal expertise to build a case for your in a way that only a qualified lawyer can.