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The Importance of Music and Media in the Health of Clients and Wards: A Primer for Probate Lawyers and Guardians

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  • Description

    Relying primarily on theory and anecdotal observation, this CLE course is designed to expand your thinking with regards to the impact of music/media on brain function. As the population ages and degenerative brain function, Alzheimer’s and other cognitive deficits increase the need for guardian appointments, the course addresses the need to provide these services to improve their clients’ well-being. The course will also address when it may be considered obligatory to insist upon the use of these modalities for the proper care of a client.

    Topics include:

    • How a probate attorney handles advanced planning/guardianship
    • How guardianship differ from State to State
    • Duties of a guardian of the estate of an incapacitated person
    • And much more!
  • Instructor Bio

    Frederic Kass

    Fred Kass is an attorney licensed in the State of Ohio with 20 years of experience in working with brain injury, and practicing in the areas of Probate and Estate Planning for over 38 years. Mr. Kass is also a professional musician who has entertained for seniors, assisted living, including people with dementia. He has volunteered and worked with people in nursing homes for over 20 years who suffer from dementia. Mr. Kass has composed over 100 pieces of music and has worked in the last 14 years, developing music specially designed to help mood and stimulate brain function. Mr. Kass has been published in the Columbus Bar Association Journal and the Ohio State Bar Association magazine on the subject of the benefits of music for people with dementia and brain injury.

    Mr. Kass is Vice-President of MartinKassMedia and World-Wide entertainment Company, LLC . He is director of Music for Brain Health operations. Working with marketing and media director, Stephanie Martin, the team has developed a series of music and images media that assist in mood, relaxation and communication