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What to Reasonably Expect in the Coming Years from the Reasonable Expectations of the Insured Doctrine

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    Amongst the most controversial legal theories of the past two centuries, the Reasonable Expectation of the Insured Doctrine has its advocates and its adversaries. A frequent topic of legal commentators, the REI Doctrine continues to defy clear definition and is not even universally understood. In fact, recent cases have rejected the very existence of the doctrine.

    This CLE course will delve right into the heart of the controversy with a thorough explanation of the REI Doctrine and a review of how a little-known, altered version of it may assist the courts in insurance coverage disputes. The course will cover the origin of the doctrine and the various ways states have interpreted and applied it with a state-by-state breakdown of relevant cases. The course will review the justifications and rationale in support of the REI Doctrine as well as criticism stretching back over forty years. In addition, the course will present four entirely different variations and explain how recent trends in state applications give us an inkling of where we’re headed and how that differs from what our goal should be.

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    Arthur Park

    Mr. Park joined Mozley, Finlayson & Loggins LLP as an associate in 2012. He practices in the areas of insurance defense, aviation litigation, and subrogation litigation. Mr. Park was born in Griffin, Georgia. He attended the University of Georgia where he received a B.A. in History, magna cum laude, in 2007. He then attended the University of Mississippi School of Law where he graduated in the top ten percent of his class, magna cum laude, in 2010. During law school, Mr. Park served as a member of the Mississippi Law Journal’s editorial board. Mr. Park previously worked with an insurance defense firm in Bluefield, West Virginia. Mr. Park remains an active member in good standing with the State Bar of Virginia and West Virginia, in addition to his membership with the State Bar of Georgia. Mr. Park is also a member of the Atlanta Bar Association. Mr. Park has authored numerous articles including Fixing Faults in the Current Default Judgment Framework, 34 Campbell L. Rev. 155 (2011) and Automobile Consent Searches: The Driver’s Options in a Lose-Lose Situation, 14 Rich. J.L. & Pub. Int. 461 (2011)