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  • Common Ethical Dilemmas in Civil Practice

    Ethical codes of conduct for attorneys are quote strict and often pose challenging dilemmas, particularly when the clients are the ones causing them. This CLE course will review these codes and present potential dilemmas attorneys may face including perjury by a client, social media exposure and scams regarding settlement money entrusting to a firm. The course will provide tips and strategies for preventing and managing these and other potential dilemmas. More Info

    1Ethics Credit
  • Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policies

    The always agreed to but rarely read Terms of Use or Terms of Service purport to act as a contract between a website sponsor and the user. The contract is essential to website sponsors, particularly to those where goods are sold, but are only enforceable under specific conditions. This 3 part CLE course will begin with the contractual terms that muse be included in the Terms of Use and will then briefly discuss procedures to ensure the Terms of use are effective under precedents of the federal d... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Get Smart: Ethical Boundaries vis a vis Case Investigations and Evidence Collection in the Digital World

    The ethical boundaries of social media, with its constantly expanding and evolving landscape, is critical to an attorney’s knowledge base both in evidence collection and case investigations. This CLE course will review relevant issues including pretexting, wire taps, social media subpoenas and third-party discovery along with traditional investigations and the ethical considerations attorneys and law firms may face. More Info

    1Ethics Credit
  • Ethics and Professionalism

    There are many courses that explain what attorneys should do, whether in facing a difficult legal battle or an ethical quandary. This CLE course will explain what not to do in the practice of law, and how to avoid potential pitfalls through a thorough understanding of the Rules of Professional Conduct and an attorney’s responsibility to clients both past and present, the court and all parties concerned. More Info

    1.5Ethics Credits
  • Ethics of Social Media: What Attorneys Need to Know

    Social media has vastly altered the way we communicate as well as how we search for and gather information. For attorneys, an understanding of how social media works can be a key element in building a business or a legal suit. This CLE course will explain the various types of social media and how they can be utilized in marketing, discovery, communications and legal actions. The course will also explain the potential ethical issues in using social media and how to avoid actions that may result i... More Info

    1.5Ethics Credits
  • Ethical and Effective Social Media for Lawyers

    Ethical obligations as pertained to social media is a thorny issue and one that gets more complicated as our digital lives have become such a prominent aspect of our lives. It is critical for attorneys to be aware of their ethical obligations with respect to various social media platforms and how they share information. This CLE course will explain the ethical obligations and how to prevent ethical violations on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others. More Info

    1.5Ethics Credits
  • From Panel to Publisher: Representing Comic Book Creator Clients

    As comic book stories and characters have come to dominate everything from theatres to video game consoles, ancillary markets such as merchandise and digital publishing, have flourished as well. Presented by prominent attorneys in the comic book industry, this CLE course will present recent trends in the business and the fundamentals of representing industry clients. The course will explain how to build a solid intellectual property foundation and related contracts, publishing properties and agr... More Info

    3General Credits
  • Technology, Ethics, and Estate Planning Practice Management

    As in every other field today, technology is transforming estate planning. This CLE course explains how estate planners can creatively utilize technology to enhance efficiency, minimize costs and develop strategies to minimize risk. Topics include document generation software to create better documents at lower costs, adapting everyday tools such as calendar and billing systems to increase client communication, and utilize record keeping software to safeguard you and your clients. The impact of... More Info

    1.5Ethics Credits
  • Hot Topics in Copyright Law

    A star-studded presentation by Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz’s litigation group, this CLE course will tell you everything you need to know about the current state of copyright law. The course will include recent developments in issues involving copyright ownership of media materials and how to defend small copyright claims. The course will take up the question of ownership of graffiti and street art, cheerleader designs, recent cases impacting copyright safe harbor and even a special presentatio... More Info

    3Total Credits
    1 Ethics
  • A Legal Guide to Social Media Advertising around the Globe

    Social media has become the go-to source for information, news, current events, and personal communication. It has also emerged as a powerful tool for advertisers and marketers to target and reach wide swathes of customers with ease. The FTC, racing to keep up with emerging technologies, has a series of guidelines to regulate advertiser behavior. This CLE course will explain those guidelines and present case studies to illustrate their enforcement. Transparency, sponsorship, affiliate marketing... More Info

    1General Credit
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