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    Amidst all the discussion of the pros and cons of social media, one of the more recent developments in the con area is that of internet defamation. This CLE course will focus on how this type of case begins and the various available strategies to resolve it. The most likely perpetrators, motives for defamation and how online free speech may apply will all be explored as well as pitfalls to avoid in bringing such a lawsuit. The course will use existing case studies to analyze potential results and advise on how to make decisions in protecting online reputations.

  • Instructor Bio

    Paul Sternberg

    Paul M. Sternberg is in private practice at his own Houston, Texas law firm since 2001. He concentrates his practice in the areas of internet defamation law and business law. Mr. Sternberg is a graduate from the A.B.Freeman School of Business at Tulane University in 1987, and a 1996 graduate from South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas where he was on the Dean’s Honor Roll.

    Mr. Sternberg, a seasoned entrepreneur, is the author of THE GUIDE TO INTERNET DEFAMATION AND WEBSITE REMOVAL and THE GUIDE TO INVESTING IN COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE. He has 10 years of experience on representing clients who have been the victims of defamatory cyber-attacks. Mr. Sternberg has developed a reliable blueprint in securing positive solutions in most cases. He has shared his professional knowledge with FOX NEWS and many other media outlets to discuss internet defamation. He is a frequent speaker to attorneys and community groups. He may be reached at or his office at 713-789-8120.