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What's so great about Unlimited CLE?

An Unlimited CLE subscription gives you unrestricted access to our entire course catalog for one year, two years, or even lifetime! That means every single course we have now or that we will produce during the course of your Unlimited CLE subscription.

Does that mean I can take as many credits as I want?

Exactly! You take credits in your current cycle, and then take credits in your next cycle!

So you're saying I can take credits in 2 cycles with a single purchase?

Yes, now you're getting it! Do the math, that comes out to less than $150/cycle. Now that's a great deal!

Ok, I'm totally sold. How do I get started?

We knew you'd come around. Simply click the "Purchase Now" button above and you will have Instant Access to all our courses after checkout.

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    Multiple Cycles
    Take credits in TWO CLE CYCLES with a single purchase!
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    Lowest price per CLE credit. Period!
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    Full Access
    Access to every single course in our catalog!