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Appellate Developments in NYS Landlord Tenant Law: Installment #2

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    The inherent tensions between landlords and tenants are fairly well-known and the tendency for entanglements in the courts are practically legendary.

    This CLE course, presented by famed commentator and landlord/tenant practitioner Dov Treiman, will examine recent disputes and decisions with regard to Landlord Tenant Appellate Law. These include:

    • DFS of Springfield, Inc. v. DiMartino: Personal Jurisdiction
    • Golden Mtn. Realty Inc. v. Severino: Forum for L&T Disputes
    • Windy Acres Farm, Inc. v. Penepent: Propriety of Conditional Limitations
    • Goldcrest Realty Co. v. 61 Bronx Riv. Rd. Owners, Inc.: Propriety of Conditional Limitations
    • Gaia by the Park LLC v. Near: Rent Stabilization Coverage
    • Limani Realty, LLC v. Zayfert: Pro Se Litigants
    • MH Residential 1, LLC v. Barrett: Retaliatory Eviction
    • Goldstone v. Gracie Terrace Apt. Corp.: Actual Partial Eviction
    • Rosquist v. Richmond Senior Servs., Inc.: Housing Court Jurisdiction
    • Horatio Arms, Inc. v. Celbert: Personal Jurisdiction
  • Instructor Bio

    Dov Treiman

    Mr. Treiman is the partner at Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. who manages the firm's landlord-tenant civil litigation practice. As one of the leading authorities in the landlord-tenant bar, Mr. Treiman's drafting of appellate briefs, legal documents and motions has increased the ability of Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. to garner better results for its clients.

    Mr. Treiman was involved in private practice for fifteen years before devoting his principal time to the collecting, editing, writing, and publishing of scholarly research materials in landlord-tenant law. His writings include several articles in the New York Law Journal and numerous articles in the Landlord-Tenant Practice Reporter.

    Mr. Treiman is the Founding Editor and Contributor of numerous articles to Landlord Tenant Monthly (4 volumes); Editor and Commentator, The Housing Court Reporter (24 volumes); Editor and Commentator, Treiman's Commentaries (3 volumes); Editor, The Housing Court Reporter Chronological Annotator (3 volumes); Editor, The Housing Court Reporter Plaintiff-Defendant Tables (2 volumes); Editor, The Housing Court Reporter Digest (7 volumes); Editor and Commentator, Treiman's New York Landlord Tenant Statutes Annotated (3 volumes); Editor and Commentator, Treiman's Rent Stabilization Code Annotated (3 volumes); Editor and Author, Treiman's Trial Manual; Editor and Principal Author, Treiman's Encyclopedia and Dictionary (2 volumes); Editor and Commentator, Treiman's Leading Cases (2 volumes); Editor, Public Documents of the DHCR; Editor, The Loft Board Reporter (18 volumes); Editor, The New York City Administrative Law Reporter (3 volumes); Editor, Landlord Tenant Appellate Reporter (7 volumes).

    Of these, undoubtedly, the most important is the Housing Court Reporter, the standard work used by all the New York City courts and all quality practitioners of landlord-tenant law to search through some 50,000 cases for applicable precedents for appellate briefs, legal documents and motions.

    Starting in 2006, Mr. Treiman was commissioned by the State of New York to produce special editions of several of these works for their use in chambers by each of the 51 Housing Judges.

    In all, Mr. Treiman has written over 80 volumes on the subject of landlord-tenant law and has often been quoted as authority in decisions written by the various courts and by other legal commentators. Mr. Treiman has also written several other books on non-legal topics.

    Mr. Treiman is a frequently sought lecturer on landlord-tenant subjects and has been retained by most of the providers of Continuing Legal Education in the New York City area. He is the principal consultant to the New York Times for landlord-tenant matters. Mr. Treiman is the Chair of the Board of Advisors of the Apartment Law Insider.

    Mr. Treiman has been recognized for this work with featured biographies in Who's Who in American Business, Who's Who in American Law, and Who's Who in America. Mr. Treiman earned his Bachelor's Degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and his Juris Doctor from St. John's University, School of Law. Mr. Treiman resides with his husband, paralegal Tom Treiman.