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    A retirement account provides you with security and stability. But in a domestic relations case, failing to cover the specific benefits related to a retirement account in settlement or trial can be disastrous for the client and result in a malpractice claim for the attorney, This CLE course, presented by QDRO attorney Matthew L. Lundy, Esq. and appropriate for seasoned and new attorneys, explains some of the most important facets in dividing retirement accounts and how to properly address them in family law cases. The course will also cover using the accounts to purge contempt and cover fees.

  • Instructor Bio

    Matthew Lundy

    Matthew Lundy is licensed to practice law in Florida and Georgia. Since founding The Matthew Lundy Law Group, he has become one of the most knowledgeable, well-known and well-respected QDRO attorneys. He has a great deal of experience in analyzing and interpreting state and federal law related to retirement account division in family law cases, including but not limited to the Internal Revenue Code and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Although he works primarily in the complex but finite world of dividing retirement accounts, he has a strong background in general marital and family law, and thus he understands the often sensitive nature of the cases in which he is getting involved, and how dividing retirement accounts plays into the larger picture of a family law case.

    Matthew has written several articles on the subjects of retirement account division and the use of QDROs and similar orders in family law cases that have been published both state and nationwide. Matthew has also lectured on the subject of retirement account division to judges, family law practitioners, and other family law professionals throughout the country. Matthew earned his B.A. in political science from Duke University and his J.D., with honors, from the University of Florida, Levin College of Law.