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  • Description

    The legalization of cannabis throughout the US is no longer the shocking news it once was, and yet it is still not a sure thing. This CLE course will focus on the movement towards legalization in New York, and yet ended in the failure of the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act. The course will explore the many conflicts regarding the language proposed as well as the regulatory models for the cannabis market. The role of local government as well as its relationship to New York State, will also be presented.

  • Instructor Bio

    Noah Potter

    Noah Potter is a New York City-based attorney and principal of the psychedelic sector consulting firm Legal Market Strategies. He became a drug policy reform advocate as an undergraduate political science student in 1993.

    He is a former chair of the New York City Bar Association’s Committee on Drugs and the Law, author of the New Amsterdam Psychedelic Law blog, and an organizer of the New York City Cannabis Parade. In 2018 he assisted the Decriminalize Denver campaign in obtaining board of elections approval of the psilocybin decriminalization ballot initiative that set in motion the current nationwide wave of state and local psychedelic law reform.