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    The incidence of class action lawsuits is continually on the rise. Class counsel Susan Chana Lask presents this primer on filing class action cases. Lask offers a detailed, step-by-step approach to filing, qualifications, impact and certification and will also deal with defense against class actions and FRCP 23.
  • Instructor Bio

    Susan Lask

    Susan Chana Lask is a New York licensed attorney with over 20 years experience nationwide
    in State and Federal Courts and Appellate Courts. In 2005, she was admitted to the United States
    Supreme Court by invitation of New York Law School. She was appointed in a quasi-judicial
    position by the State of New York as a surrogate judge for the mentally handicapped. She
    conducted trials and made judgments in New York City’s Civil Court as an arbitrator in cases
    ranging from airline negligence to attorney malpractice. She is a major media commentator named
    in the media as New York’s “High-Powered attorney”. In the late ‘80’s, she organized, digested and
    prepared for trial complex litigation class action cases at the prestigious Rivkin, Radler, Dunne &
    Bayh’s hazardous waste insurance defense department, including the Agent Orange and Morton
    Thiokol cases. In 2001, her class action Paul v. New York State Dept. Of Motor Vehicles, et. al.
    resulted in the City of New York agreeing to remove an unjust traffic violation law. On March 20,
    2008, she was the first attorney to argue and win class certification against two New Jersey county
    prisons for violating constitutional rights of non-criminal arresstees by blanket strip searching them.
    Personally, her prized class action achievement was her single handedly taking on the drug
    manufacturer Sanofi- Aventis to change their warnings on the sleep medication Ambien. When no
    other attorney would help because they did not see money at the end of the case, Ms. Lask stepped
    up and filed the class action in March, 2006 with plaintiff Janet Maikenen for the rights of tens of
    thousands of people claiming injuries. Ms. Lask appeared on major media outlets nationwide
    vowing that she would not stop until the warnings were corrected. NewsWeek, The New York
    Times, CNN and more covered Ms. Lask’s case. By December, 2006 the FDA investigated the
    claims and on March 14, 2007 the FDA ordered 13 sleep medication manufacturers, including
    Sanofi-Aventis, to post proper warnings that sleep-walking, sleep-eating and other reactions could
    occur; the exact warnings Ms. Lask advocated for. Although not a dime was won, Ms. Lask is proud
    to have made the public aware of the issue and obtain the very warnings she demanded in the
    complaint not just against the defendant, but resulting against many manufacturers. Subsequently,
    people have been helped from Ms. Lask’s Ambien action, including her consulting pro bono in a
    California case where criminal charges were dismissed against a young man because her work
    proved a sleep medication caused his behavior.