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Cross Examination of Police Officers and Detectives: A Tactical Guide

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    A misguided cross examination can easily be a trial attorney’s worst downfall. Cross examination of police officers who may be seasoned witnesses and tend to seem inherently trustworthy requires specific skills and tactics. This thoroughly compelling and practical strategic guide for cross examining police officers or detectives, presented by Jeffrey Schwartz, explores the psychological element to this critical trial component. The CLE course will present the everyday life and overall responsibilities of officers and explain how to utilize this profile, typical police mentality and psychological framework in preparing an effective cross. The course will outline strategies to gain a tactical advantage and diminish the impact of police testimony.
  • Instructor Bio

    Jeffrey Schwartz

    For 34 years Jeffrey T. Schwartz has been investigating, prosecuting and defending whitecollar and violent criminal cases in both the state and federal courts of New York and New Jersey. He is a former homicide, investigations and major case prosecutor for the Queens County District Attorney’s Office and was a founding member of both its vertical Narcotics Trial, and Career Criminal Major Crime Bureaus.

    He has been honored, recognized and awarded certificates of outstanding dedication and service by the Queens District Attorneys Office, the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the City Council of New York, as well as the Detective Endowment Association of the New York City Police Department.

    He serves on the faculty of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law’s Intensive Trial Advocacy Program for over 25 years and lectures on many aspects of trial advocacy, forensic evidence and criminal law. Mr. Schwartz appears in the media as a legal analyst and has been profiled in local and national publications, including the New York Times.