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    Successful trial attorneys know the importance of a good deposition. Their effectiveness is more than a matter of their content, but also how they are defended. This CLE course will explain the parameters under which a deposition should be taken, how to maintain a clear record for motions and trials, techniques for implementing depositions at trial, strategies for preparing and protecting witnesses, avoiding common mistakes in deposing witnesses and for participating in and defending depositions once taken.

  • Instructor Bio

    Lawrence Goldhirsch

    Lawrence B. Goldhirsch is known throughout the legal community as an expert in aviation law. He is author of "The Warsaw Convention Annotated: A Legal Handbook," which is considered a bible for legal matters pertaining to international aviation. Mr. Goldhirsch's aviation successes include a case involving the flight with the Entebbe hostages. Author of a column for Product Liability Reporter magazine, Mr. Goldhirsch's cases included one involving a General Electric toaster oven that badly burned a young girl after it failed to shut off when she opened it; this resulted in a multi-million dollar settlement. In addition to his negligence case work, Mr. Goldhirsch has also tried toxic torts. He is fluent in French, having lived in France for several years.

    Listed in Who's Who in American Law since 1983. Author: "International Litigation: The European Court of Human Rights," International Bar Journal, 1976; "Lawyer Advertising: Consumers' Right in the U.S.," International Bar Journal, May, 1979; "Doctor's Countersuits," Journal of Legal Medicine, December, 1977; "A Propos des Procedures Enterprises aux Etats-Unis Contre le Proprietaire de l'Amoco Cadiz," Journal de la Marine Marchande, February, 1979; "The Warsaw Convention Annotated," 2nd ed. Kluwer, 2000. Visiting Lecturer: Consumerism in the USA, Product Liability in the USA, Faculté de Droit et de Science Politique, Université de Dijon, 1975-1976; Comparative Law, American Judicial System, Faculté de Droit et de Science Economique de Montpellier, France, 1975-1976. Lecturer, Air Law, Faculté de Droit et de Science Economique de Nice, 1985-1986. (Also practicing individually at same address)