• Description
    A practical information guide on the accepted methods and requirements, both federal and state, of preparing Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD’s). FDD’s are provided prior to a franchise purchase and are a required document by all Franchisors to Franchisees. Proper drafting of the FDD, taking into account Franchisor protection from litigation, choice of venue and litigation forms are all covered in this CLE course.
  • Instructor Bio

    Mitchell Kassoff

    Mitchell J. Kassoff, Esq. is admitted to the bars of the states of New York (1979) and New Jersey (1983). Mitchell J. Kassoff, Esq. has been representing both Franchisors and Franchisees as an attorney, counselor, advisor and Expert Witness in litigation, business and corporate matters in all 50 states since 1979. He is a frequent Continuing Legal Education lecturer on Franchise Law. Mr. Kassoff has published numerous articles on Franchise Law. He is a former tenured Professor of Law at Pace University. His website, which is exclusively devoted to Franchising, is http://legal-franchise.com He may be reached at (973) 762-1776 or law@legal-franchise.com for consultations.