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Courses purchased through UnitedCLE.com are provided and fully accredited by The National Academy of Continuing Legal Education, a presumptive provider of CLE in WV, approved by the WV State Bar. To view our full accreditation details please .

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  • Staying Safe and Sound: Maintaining a Realistic Work/Life Balance in Uncertain Times

    With messages about COVID-related issues still flooding your inbox, broadcast on tv and argued over on social media, you are at an increased likelihood for anxiety, stress, fear, and negative thoughts. Amongst the many concerns are concerns about being in crowds, whether to get another vaccine booster, fears about the health of your family and how you will manage the future in the “new normal”. Recent studies indicate a dramatic increase amongst those in the legal profession of impairm... More Info

    1.26Ethics Credits
  • The Secure ACT: Five Key Considerations

    This CLE course will explain the SECURE Act (Setting Every Community Up For Retirement Enhancement) and its impact on the nation’s retirement system. The course will address the five main focus areas of the SECURE Act and how, as an attorney, the law may affect your financial plan. The course will cover topics such as the new age requirements for RMD’s and age limitations on traditional IRA’s, distribution options for beneficiaries, flexibility and options with regards to 529 p... More Info

    1.3General Credits
  • Criminal Defense Appeals

    Presented from the perspective of a criminal defense attorney, this comprehensive CLE course will focus on appeals to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeal. Utilizing a practical approach, the course will dramatically increase an attorney’s chance of success by offering tips and strategies for framing issues, the use of key phrases, presenting procedural history and statements of fact as well as other key elements. The course will also address the importance of oral arguments an... More Info

    1.2General Credits
  • Know What Evidence You Have and How to Use That Evidence at Trial

    Attorneys must go beyond simply uncovering evidence that proves or disproves a case. They must consider how the facts and the law work together and ensure that the evidence they uncover is admitted so that it may impact the outcome of a case. Regardless of whether it is a civil or criminal trial being tried in front of a judge or a jury, when it comes to the presentation of evidence, preparation is key. This CLE course will offer tips and strategies for preparing for evidence presentat... More Info

    1.26General Credits
  • Hot Topics in Employment Law Since #MeToo

    The beginning of the #MeToo movement can ostensibly be traced to when the New York Times published a bombshell expose that revealed decades of abuse and sexual harassment by Harvey Weinstein, a previously untouchable Hollywood mogul. The article, entitled Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for Decades, quotes a partner of the instructors' firm. Five years later, the #MeToo movement, a name inspired by sexual assault survivor and activist Tarana Burke, who years earlier h... More Info

    2.4General Credits
  • Ethical Considerations When Responding To Lozada Complaints

    While one of the most complex areas of law, immigration law can be extremely rewarding and tends to foster a collegial atmosphere amongst peers. Yet this congeniality can backfire when an attorney must file a disciplinary complaint against another in defense of their clients as required by the Matter of Lozada. This CLE course will focus primarily on how to manage a situation when you are accused of errors. The course will review proper and appropriate responses to the ethics authoriti... More Info

    1.22Ethics Credits
  • Effective Mediation: What the Mediator Needs to Know to Resolve Your Case

    It might be surprising, but over 95% of civil cases settle before trial. This CLE course will explain this pre-trial resolution statistic as a result of the effectiveness of mediation. Designed to assist both new and seasoned attorneys in streamlining oral and written presentations for mediation and getting crucial information in front of a mediator. More Info

    1.2General Credits
  • PFAS: The New Contaminant of Enormous Concern

    As global warning becomes an increasing concern and technology evolves to address it, the issue of “forever chemicals” has moved to the forefront. This CLE course will address the regulations for new varieties of contaminants and PFAS chemicals. The course will address PFAS chemicals as they relate to federal and state regulations surrounding drinking water, the strictest of which is New York State. The course will address the difficulties faced by public water suppliers to ach... More Info

    1.2General Credits
  • Transnational Legal and Cultural Issues Arising when Doing Business Internationally

    Transnational transactions often require documentation which must satisfy more than one legal system. This CLE course will explain the various issues which may arise when documenting transnational transactions. Using examples of American companies doing business in China, the course will present the need to understand and interpret the laws and regulations within the context of their country of origin and where the business is being conducted. The course will explain how the understand... More Info

    1.54General Credits
  • Residential Lease Drafting Primer

    Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a newcomer to the field, the skills of lease drafting are essential to ensuring your client’s success. This CLE course, will cover the essentials of drafting a residential lease. The course will explain specialized clauses and the specific language they require as well as the theory and rationale behind these recommendations. The course will include lesser-known clauses that may rarely appear in today’s leases and yet speak directly to some of... More Info

    2.5General Credits
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