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    The legal area of oil and gas, while still relatively young, is fairly well-developed. This CLE course will present various oil and gas land and production interests and some of the more ambiguous issues contain therein. The course will explore issues of severances in different states as well as mineral reservations, royalties and estate severances and the confusion they may cause for title examiners which may open oil companies to increased risk.
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    Joshua Stein

    Josh Stein is a Texas oil and gas title attorney and graduate of Boston College Law School. The majority of his practice is dedicated to drafting drilling and division order title opinions. He has written title opinions on tracts throughout Texas, including lands bounded by avulsive rivers and pooled units within urban subdivisions.

    Josh Stein has also represented landowners in matters involving surface use agreements, termination of nonproductive leases, and nonpayment of oil and gas royalties. In addition to oil and gas, he has represented clients on matters involving public beach access rights and hurricane relief on Galveston Island.

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