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Illinois Driver's License Issues as They Relate to a Client’s Immigration Status

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    Addressing the common problems related to an undocumented immigrant applying for a Tourist Visa Driver’s License in Illinois, this CLE course will explain both the procedure and some of the issues a client may encounter in the process. The course will provide tips for addressing problems and strategies for guiding a client through the process efficiently and effectively.

  • Instructor Bio

    John Quinn

    John M. Quinn, Esq, has concentrated in the area of Illinois Drivers License Reinstatement and clearing Illinois Holds for over 20 years. My firm and I have helped thousands of people drive again. Through these years of experience we have developed an efficient and thorough process of preparing people for and conducting hearings in front of the Secretary of State. As a result of this process and experience we have a very high percentage of approvals. If you have an issue with either a revocation of your Illinois Drivers License or a Hold in Illinois that is keeping you from obtaining your current State’s Drivers License our firm has the ability and experience to get you driving again.

    I was Admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1993. I attended DePaul University School of Law, Chicago, Illinois, and graduated in 1992. I received my J.D. Doctor of Jurisprudence in 1993.