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    The rebranding of hemp and marijuana as medicinal have created profitable industries in states that have taken advantage of the change by fostering regulatory environments that are conducive. Investors have followed. Yet as many more states push toward legalization, the question of when federal legalization will be implemented remains on everyone’s minds. Many states are also working towards hemp production programs in compliance with the USDA’s Domestic Hemp Production Program. All of these changes and fluctuation can be confusing.

    This CLE course will explain how the cannabis industry is evolving and what to expect in the future.

  • Instructor Bio

    Garrett Graff

    Garrett Graff is a Managing Attorney at Hoban Law Group, nationally recognized as a Cannabis Law Trailblazer by National Law Journal. He specializes in representation of both the marijuana and hemp industries. Garrett's practice involves corporate and M&A, real estate, regulatory/compliance, FDA/FTC compliance, intellectual property protection, and civil and commercial litigation. Garrett regularly counsels clients regarding corporate formation and structuring, M&A and business and real property assets, various corporate agreements, regulatory compliance as well as resolving and/or litigating commercial disputes.

    As to hemp businesses, Garrett represents companies across the country and world on matters including import/export, cultivation, processing and manufacturing, distribution, and navigating legislative and regulatory frameworks such as FDA regulation. He frequently works with federal, state and local authorities on policy and enforcement matters. Notably, Garrett represented hemp industry stakeholders against the DEA, before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, in confirming the 2014 Farm Bill's hemp provisions pre-empt DEA authority and the CSA.

    He also regularly works with stakeholders in drafting model legislative and regulatory policy. Garrett also serves on the board of the Colorado chapter of the Hemp Industries Association.

    Related to marijuana businesses, Garrett represents numerous companies on matters including licensure, successfully obtaining licenses in numerous states in both competitive and noncompetitive licensure processes. He also assists clients in general corporate matters, protecting intellectual property, establishing partnerships and joint ventures, and expanding clients' footprints across multiples states and/or countries, along with regulatory compliance matters. Garrett has testified in judicial proceedings related to regulatory matters and frequently speaks in many forums -- conferences, symposiums and other events -- regarding various issues concerning marijuana and hemp law.

    Garrett and his wife, Anna, live in the Denver suburbs, with their daughter. In their free time, they enjoy hiking, skiing, sporting events, reading and traveling.