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    The issue of employee rights is always a tricky one, and in the wake of COVID-19 and the George Floyd protests, it’s become even more complicated. Do employees need to wear masks? What should be our procedure if there’s looting? Can employees be penalized if they are too afraid to go to work? This CLE course will provide a comprehensive understanding of employer obligations in terms of COVID-19 safety procedures, workplace discrimination, harassment claims, medical testing, unemployment benefits and payroll issues.

  • Instructor Bio

    Cynthia Pietrucha

    Cynthia Pietrucha is an employment discrimination attorney and legal commentator who advocates for employees fired or forced to separate from their jobs based on disability, medical leave, race, gender, age, and religious beliefs.

    Born and raised in Illinois, Cynthia is well-known for helping resolve workplace disputes with the goal of staying out of court. Having negotiated millions in severance and separation agreements, she helps implement effective workplace policies and conducts workplace investigations on behalf of private companies.

    Cynthia has appeared as a guest speaker on behalf of many organizations and media outlets, where she often speaks about working moms' rights and medical leave laws. She also has recorded, produced and presented employee training videos on workplace discrimination, time and attendance and staffing and scheduling. With a background in media, Cynthia is available to speak on employment law issues.