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Non-Competes, Non-Disclosure (NDAs) and other Agreements that Regulate Employees’ Conduct

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    Former, disgruntled employees provide many cautionary tales. Illegal appropriation of both tangible and intangible assets are just one of the ways that former employees can cause your business irreparable harm. This CLE course will explain how to protect those assets with Restrictive Covenant agreements such as non-competes, non-solicitation, as well as non-disclosure agreements, trade secret and non-disparagement agreements. The course will also address agreements that cover intellectual property ownership, tangible property ownership and agreements which limit an employees’ right to sue.
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    Richard Waxman

    Richard H. Waxman is a business lawyer with more than 40 years’ experience in law firms in the New York Metropolitan area and southern Florida. His practice centers on advising and representing closely held businesses, and their owners, in connection with a broad range of business and corporate matters. His primary area of legal expertise is corporate/business law. His typical client is a successful closely held business or professional practice, with up to $50M in annual revenues and up to 500 employees. He has authored numerous articles and lectured extensively on a broad range of legal issues faced by closely held companies and their owners.

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