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    The family based petition may seem quite complicated but this CLE course will provide you with a simple approach that will streamline the process and make it accessible. The course will cover issues of sponsorship and how various categories of sponsorship may apply to the process. The issue of cost, timing, use of forms and how they may impact individual eligibility will all be addressed.

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    Merrick Dammar

    Merrick John Dammar is a lawyer in NY, who graduated from Suny Buffalo in 1993. I have been in Private Practice for 26 Years. I have lectured in Real Estate and Immigration Law for the past 10 years. I have been an Advisor to the Jamaican Consulate for 8 Years. Additionally, I have been a Radio Personality for 24 years. Currently, Merrick John Dammar works at Law Office Of Merrick J. Dammar Esq., and you can reach them at (718) 519-6281.