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Cancellation Of Removal Part 2: For Certain Legal Permanent Residents

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    The issue of immigration remains incredible contentious. This CLE course will present issues related to dealing with legal permanent residents who, as a result of a criminal violation of their terms of status, are facing deportation. The course will explain some of the primary reasons why a permanent resident might find themselves facing removal proceedings as well as the importance of citizenship in immigration cases. The course will provide tips and strategies for representing a client throughout the process.

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    Merrick Dammar

    Merrick John Dammar is a lawyer in NY, who graduated from Suny Buffalo in 1993. I have been in Private Practice for 26 Years. I have lectured in Real Estate and Immigration Law for the past 10 years. I have been an Advisor to the Jamaican Consulate for 8 Years. Additionally, I have been a Radio Personality for 24 years. Currently, Merrick John Dammar works at Law Office Of Merrick J. Dammar Esq., and you can reach them at (718) 519-6281.