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  • Description

    An attorney who serves as a general counsel or a municipal attorney may be required to serve as an organization’s parliamentarian at regular or annual meetings as a requirement defined in their governing documents. This CLE course will explain the basic rules for an attorney serving in this capacity as well as guidelines to follow in accordance with the newly revised 12th Edition of Robert’s Rules of Order or other standard authorities.

    The course will begin with an introduction and explanation of the parliamentarian role and then explain the governing rules, motions and Quorum Considerations.

  • Instructor Bio

    Gerry Gunn

    Gerry Roberts Gunn is an attorney and a Professional Registered Parliamentarian. She has served as a parliamentarian at meetings, conventions, and other events, and has also served clients as a floor parliamentarian.

    Additionally, Ms. Gunn’s parliamentary services also include assisting clients on bylaws formation, writing parliamentary opinions, providing litigation consulting, and teaching classes and workshops. Ms. Gunn has been a parliamentarian for over 25 years.