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Prevention, Detection & Treatment of Substance Abuse in the Legal Profession

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    The extensive damage caused by substance and alcohol abuse is fairly well-known but its prevalence in the legal profession is less understood. This CLE course will review the various forms of addiction including medical marijuana, alcohol, gambling food and unethical conduct. Challenges in identifying behaviors relating to this abuse, how to differentiate abuse from normal social drinking and the consequences of such behavior which may include State Bar sanctions or even criminal convictions will also be discussed. The course will review in detail the lifestyle factors which may contribute to abuse such as work-related stress, family problems and pre-existing psychological conditions. The course will identify the early-warning signs and behavior patterns to looks for and will conclude with treatment options including Alcoholics Anonymous, psychological counseling and drug treatment programs.
  • Instructor Bio

    Ronald Hoffman

    Ronald Hoffman of the firm, Hoffman and Associates, is a criminal attorney who represents clients on all misdemeanor and felony charges. He specializes in the defense of driving under the influence cases. His firm has offices in Los Angeles and San Diego, yet he defends clients in courtrooms throughout California. The firm also represents national and international clients who find themselves in legal trouble during their stay in California. Mr. Hoffman possesses formidable courtroom skills honed from over 30 years ofprotecting clients' rights on a diverse range oflegal matters. He also takes his role as counselor at law very seriously by being proactive in encouraging his clients to raise their awareness about issues in their behavior that contributed to their legal problem. When appropriate, he directs his clients into treatment programs, (like alcoholics anonymous) and psychological counseling to help them live healthier, happier and trouble free lives. He has recently expanded his knowledge and experience in the field of substance abuse by becoming a MCLE provider and educating attorneys at law firms throughout Southern California.