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    Regardless of how litigious a person may seem, most would prefer to avoid the tedious and expensive process of litigation. This is what typically motivates people to enter into a negotiated settlements. This CLE course will explain how negotiated settlements work within the framework of real estate disputes, specifically between individual owners as tenants in common, two estate sharing common tenants, corporate entities with shared ownership through a jointly owned LLC and claimants to a property whose owner is deceased. The course will explore how the strategic use of New York’s litigation process can help lead to settlement before a trial.

  • Instructor Bio

    Brian Robinson

    Brian Robinson, a Partner at Taylor Louis LLP, handles transactional and litigation matters with a unique approach to client problem-solving based on multi-directional analysis and negotiated settlements to avoid protracted conflict. Mr. Robinson applies this approach to both individual and business clients, utilizing his legal training and expertise to assist clients in the following areas: civil, commercial, and landlord/tenant litigation, negotiated contract settlements, employment issues, consumer credit disputes, business transactions, contract formation, lease negotiations, corporate formation (profit and not-for-profit), asset purchases and sales, and strategic partnerships and joint ventures.

    Mr. Robinson has represented: developers in real estate litigation; real property managers in contract matters and general litigation; restaurant owners seeking capital infusions through strategic alliances; business owners in commercial real estate leasing disputes; businesses in tort defense matters; film producers; not-for-profit entities seeking federal tax exempt status; individuals and corporations pursuing or defending breach of contract claims; privately held corporations engaged in minority shareholder disputes; and entrepreneurs seeking to avoid litigation through structured contracts and agreements.

    Attorney Robinson is admitted to practice law in all of the courts within the New York State judicial system. He is also admitted to practice law before the U.S. Federal Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, which are based in New York City and Brooklyn, respectively. He is a 1995 graduate of New York University (B.A. in International Relations, with honors); and a 2001 graduate of Fordham University School of Law. Mr. Robinson was previously a principal in his own practice and Of Counsel to Colon & Peguero, LLP. Mr. Robinson is a native of Queens, New York. Mr. Robinson also has experience serving as Board member to New York not-for-profit corporations.