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New Hampshire attorneys must self-determine whether a program is eligible for credit and self-report their attendance. The United Institute for Continuing Legal Education believes that its courses meet the requirements of NH Supreme Court Rule 53 and qualify towards the annual NHMCLE requirement. To view our full accreditation details please .

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  • Veterans Update: What's New from Congress, The Courts and The VA

    The US has been at war for the past three decades. From Kuwait and the former Yugoslavia to Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, the physical and mental toll on our armed forces has been extraordinary. This CLE course, presented by Commander John Wells, USN (Ret), Chairman of Military-Veterans Advocacy will explain the origin and purpose of the Department of Veteran Affairs, and try to simplify the seemingly endless regulations and procedural issues and potential pitfalls involved in their ope... More Info

    1.5General Credits
  • Franchise Sales Compliance

    Designed to assist legal counsel representing a franchisor in their understanding of how to client-franchisor compliance with federal and state laws related to franchises, this CLE course will address compliance issues in practical and understandable terms. The course will provide practical examples to assist counsel in explaining concepts to potential and current clients. More Info

    2General Credits
  • Broker Lien Rights: What Attorneys Need to Know

    Presented by a seasoned attorney who authored or lobbied on behalf of the roughly 34 states with commercial real estate broker lien rights, this CLE course will address a variety of related issues. The course will address protected commission claims, the prerequisite of such claims, timing, and legislative history. Advice on enforcements as well as guidelines for drafting a lien, asserting and serving a claim, foreclosing and defending judgement a the appellate level will be addressed.... More Info

    1.5General Credits
  • Pitfalls To Avoid When Real Estate and Matrimonial Issues Collide

    Matrimonial law requires attorneys to possess a wide breadth of knowledge since it intersects with many other areas of laws including immigration, contracts, criminal law, property, insurance, trusts, estates and taxes. The place where matrimonial and real estate law overlap is particularly complex and fascinating. Divorcing couples typically jointly own at least one piece of property, usually the marital residence, though some couples may own many properties. From rental properties,... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Handling Nonprofit Board Disputes

    Nonprofit board members are often honored to serve, but don’t really understand their responsibilities. This CLE course will explain Board fiduciary duties and responsibilities, address common disputes that can arise between Board Members, explain Founder Syndrome and what to do when people quit or relinquish responsibility. The course is designed to benefit both nonprofit consultants, in-house and outside counsel called upon to resolve disputes. More Info

    1General Credit
  • Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Navigating Partnership Disputes and High-Impact Partner Departures

    Breakups can be challenging, and although they may not be as severe as divorces, managing conflicts between partners and dealing with the departure of a significant collaborator can be tough. In this informative CLE, we will explore effective strategies for handling disputes and separations, covering important aspects such as the responsibilities of a firm towards an attorney and vice versa, communication techniques, ethical considerations, and privacy concerns. More Info

    1Ethics Credit
  • Conducting Sexual Harassment Investigations at Law Firms

    Conducting internal investigations is inherently intricate, particularly when it involves probing allegations of sexual harassment within your organization. In this CLE course, you will be provided with a comprehensive understanding of the legal intricacies and obligations involved in such investigations. You will be guided through a step-by-step process, ensuring compliance with current statutes. The course will cover essential topics including internal communication protocols, contra... More Info

    1General Credit
  • The ABC’s of Transitioning Law Firms

    A must for any attorney considering a lateral move to another law firm, this in-depth CLE course will address the many issues that attorneys face throughout the process. The course will provide participants with a play-by-play analysis of the many issues that departing attorneys face throughout the transition, beginning in pre-departure all the way through post. The course will also explain the fiduciary and legal obligations that firms and attorneys owe to one another, and to their cl... More Info

    1.5General Credits
  • Representing the Personal Injury Plaintiff: How The Sausage is Made

    Filled with practical information on how to best represent a plaintiff in a personal injury case, this CLE course will help you present the process to clients in terms they can understand and offer tips and strategies for avoiding potential pitfalls. The course will provide detailed instructions on how to make the financial aspects of a case work in your client’s favor, setting client expectations and how to actually get damage compensation from insurance companies. More Info

    2.5General Credits
  • War Crimes in The Star Wars Universe: Episode IV

    Whether by design or happy accidents, Star Wars Episode IV raises many fascinating issues addressed by the International Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC), and which international law scholars and jurists wrestle with today. This CLE course will examine the conflicts raised in the film, as well as cover real-life war crimes cases such as the trial of Adolf Eichmann, the Nuremberg trials and modern terrorism cases and drone program issues. The course will seek to determine if, under LOAC, Lei... More Info

    1General Credit
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