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    The tax exemptions for non-profit organizations were originally instituted for religious, educational and charitable organizations. Since then, the definition has been expanded somewhat, and continues to apply to an untold number of non-profit organizations across the country. These organizations not only provide benefits in terms of feeding the homeless, medical care, counseling, housing and religious support, but also employ hundreds of thousands of workers, pay federal taxes and make use of local goods and services. This comprehensive CLE course will explain: • Requirements to qualify for non-profit and 501(c)(3) status • Applicable tax exemptions • Private Foundations vs. Public Charities • Rules for Schools and Hospitals • Exemptions Challenges • Specific issues for various states
  • Instructor Bio

    Michael Paff

    Michael A. Paff concentrates his practice in property tax appeal litigation, abatements, and condemnation issues. He has extensive experience in litigating tax appeal cases that involve overvaluation, added assessments, omitted assessments, farmland assessments, exemptions and “Chapter 91” cases.

    Mr. Paff has considerable experience representing owners of residential and commercial properties in New Jersey and New York; including apartments, hotels, office buildings, medical offices, hospitals, financial institutions, automobile properties, telecommunciations buildings, shopping malls and farms. In addition, he’s litigated complex issues for industrial buildings including warehouses, refrigerated storage and factories. In addition, Mr. Paff has acquired more than a decade of experience assisting residential property owners in achieving residential property tax relief. He has helped owners to reduce their assessed value for savings on current or future tax bills, and in many cases to obtain refunds.

    Mr. Paff appears before all tax and appellate courts in New Jersey and multiple Supreme Courts in New York.