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    Not every ethical decision is a choice between right and wrong, bad and good. Some are far vaguer, battling in the shades of gray where our responsibilities to clients may blur the lines. This CLE course will tackle some of the more profound, overarching issues of ethical responsibility and professional conduct in pursuit of a client’s cause. The course will address the rules and the values upon which they are based, potential models and guides to turn to and cases which illustrate where these ethical questions may lead us.

  • Instructor Bio

    Jeffrey Ullman

    Jeffrey D. Ullman, Esq. has more than forty years’ experience handling complex litigation in the state and federal courts, at trial and on appeal, for a diverse clientele in a wide variety of cases principally involving criminal defense, commercial disputes, employment, education law, intellectual property and appeals in these cases. His “AV Preeminent” rating reflects a very strong reputation for professional integrity and legal acumen among colleagues and adversaries alike. In 1992, Mr. Ullman, together with Arthur Furhman and Gary Platt, founded the Morristown, New Jersey law firm which bears their names, ULLMAN, FURHMAN & PLATT, P.C. In January, 2017, the firm celebrated 25 years of service to its clients at its original location, where it remains. Mr. Ullman graduated cum laude from Lafayette College in 1970, and, following a year of graduate study, obtained his juris doctor from the NYU School of Law in 1974. He is a widely sought speaker and lecturer, having developed nationally recognized and enthusiastically received CLE programs in ethics and intellectual property. He is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Seton Hall Law School.