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  • Description

    Using search and seizure models, this CLE course will provide attorneys, even those unfamiliar with the 4th Amendment, with the basics of traffic stops. The course will differentiate between issues that relate to the power that officers wield over occupants as well as occupants' rights.

    The second part of the course will deal more specifically with search doctrines related to vehicle searches.

  • Instructor Bio

    Dale Anderson

    Dale Anderson is a member of numerous State and Federal Bar Associations, including the United States Supreme Court. Dale has testified before state and federal legislative committees and drafted legislation as well as acting as a senior investigative counsel for the Congress of the United States. Dale has tried every kind of criminal and civil case, including 1st degree murder and other high profile actions.

    Dale was named, senior partner in the law firm of La Paglia and Anderson, focusing primarily on litigation (1986-1988). As partner, Dale tried both criminal and civil cases. Dale taught constitutional criminal procedure in the following settings: Officers and prosecutors in thousands of seminars (1979 –2018); Law students (1988 –1996); Undergraduate and graduate students at Michigan State University (1988-1996).

    Dale has written dozens of books and manuals relating to issues of crime, criminal procedure and the admissibility of evidence in court. Dale also wrote articles for law review and other journals. Dale is PhD (abd) at Michigan State University and earned his JD from the University of Virginia Law School (1973).