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The Realities of Regulation: Regulating Adult Use After Legalization

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    From college student activist to small business entrepreneur, lobbyist and policy writer for Colorado’s groundbreaking legalization bill, Commissioner Shaleen Title has had a storied history, all of which brought her to her current role as Commissioner of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. In this riveting CLE course, she will explain the origins of the commission and the complexity of the political and economic structure within which regulations are built. Commissioner Title will recount some of the history of the commission, including surprising anecdotes regarding the challenges she has faced and lessons she has learned.
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    Shaleen Title

    Shaleen Title is a Commissioner of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. Shaleen co-founded THC Staffing Group and served as a senior staffer for Amendment 64, Colorado’s historic 2012 initiative that made Colorado the first state in the U.S. to legalize cannabis. As the Speakers Bureau Director for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, she recruited high-profile law enforcement officers, DEA agents and prosecutors to speak out in favor of legalization. She previously provided regulatory expertise for marijuana businesses and is a leading voice in diversifying the field of cannabis.