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When Brotherly Love Goes Wrong: Defending Against Constructive Trust Claims

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    The first thing we learned in law school is that if you don't have a written contract for real estate, you cannot seek to enforce an agreement concerning that real estate. No contract, no sale. But there is an exception to the rule: a constructive trust.

    Unfortunately, constructive trust cases are often filed by family members with an axe to grind against other family members. An angry brother or sister can tie up your client's real property for years, based on nothing but a few conclusory pleadings.

    Although some plaintiffs simply file constructive trust cases, they may not really understand what is necessary to get relief. Therefore a good defense litigator who knows the right questions to ask during depositions can often get the plaintiff to admit something seemingly innocuous, but will actually be the death knell for the plaintiff's case.

  • Instructor Bio

    Paul Golden

    Paul Golden is a partner at Hagan, Coury & Associates, in Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Golden received his law degree from the University of Illinois Law School, and received his undergraduate degree from New York University. At the University of Illinois, he received awards and honors, including graduating magna cum laude, and being first in his class in tort law.

    Mr. Golden concentrates on appellate law, but also handles real estate litigation and commercial litigation matters. Mr. Golden’s numerous successful appellate cases include one concerning a FOIL request which was the subject of a front page article in the New York Law Journal, and a Court of Appeals case on insurance law, which has been cited over 500 times by courts, secondary sources, expert opinion reports, and other appellate briefs. Mr. Golden has had numerous legal articles published, including one cited by a federal court.

    To contact Mr. Golden, call him at his firm (718/788-5052). For more information Mr. Golden’s website’s address is