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  • Navigating the Future: Embracing AI's Impact on the Legal Profession for Lawyers with a Strategic Mindset

    ChatGPT is now a part of our everyday lives and its ability to write our papers, do our research and even pass the Uniform Bar Exam has exceeded all expectations. In fact, experts are predicting that generative AI will eventually replace practicing attorneys. This CLE course will address pressing questions such as how generative AI will change the way lawyers do business and will attorneys lose their jobs? The course will also explain the extent to which an attorney’s mindset, as well... More Info

    1.2General Credits
  • Establishing Clear Standards for Compliant Pharmaceutical Marketing to Limit Liability for Off-Label Promotion

    In recent years, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries have undergone transformative changes, significantly impacting their research-based approaches. This course explores these momentous developments, including the emergence of digital-based health technologies, the integration of real-world experience (RWE) and real-world data (RWD) in the drug approval process, and the widespread dissemination of evolving medical information to a diverse audience. While these advancements offer t... More Info

    1General Credit
  • The Case Against Tipper X

    On what he thought was a typical workday in New York City, Tom Hardin woke up, went to the gym and ran a few errands on the way to the office. And on his way, two FBI agents suddenly appeared, publicly flashed their badges and began questioning him about his job. Tom was shocked and confused and began to worry when the agents began sharing details about his personal life and his family, even where he was last weekend. It was that event that began the process of Tom Hardin going from he... More Info

    1.5General Credits
  • Building a Case to Best Serve the Client: Mediation and Arbitration of Multi-Party Construction Law Claims

    This informative CLE will address a variety of issues related to the challenges presented in Multi-Party Construction Litigation cases. The course will explain how to best prepare a client/carrier for mediation and offer tips for use of documents. The course will also explain how to use a well-drafted mediation statement in order to prepare the mediator for the challenges presented by the matter at hand. Strategies for offers of settlement, as well as some hybrid options for money and... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Free Speech, Trademarks and Parody at the Crossroads: “Jack Daniels vs Bad Spaniels”

    Do you suspect someone is violating your trademark? What about your copyright or patent? Are you interested in safeguarding your invention through a patent? Is it a priority for your business to clear and register your trademark and copyright? Are you considering a licensing agreement as either a licensor or a licensee? Do you require assistance with your talent agreement? Are you interested in learning how to maximize the value of your Intellectual Property through licensing and merchandising... More Info

    2General Credits
  • Expertly Examining the Expert Witness: Depositions, Hearings and Trials

    Designed to help attorneys prepare for and examine expert witnesses, this informative CLE course will explain how to gather and assess information in preparation for a deposition or trial testimony of an expert, as well as how to formulate a comprehensive inquiry for the examination of an expert witness. The course will address how to present the relevant background of your expert and the areas in which they have approval and standing to render expert opinions. The course will al... More Info

    1.7General Credits
  • You Won! Now What? Collecting Civil Judgments Under Illinois Law

    Even if you successfully prosecute a civil case to judgement, clients aren’t typically satisfied unless they receive money at the end of a case. This is particularly important for attorneys who work on the basis of contingent fees. In cases where a judgement debtor does not have insurance, or when the judgment exceeds its limits, it’s critical to understand collection law to ensure that everyone, including you, is paid in the end. This CLE course will present the basics of a collection... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Navigating the SEC and CFTC Whistleblowing Programs

    Whistleblower programs are not a particularly well known or understood feature of the various entities which have them, including the SEC, IRS and CFTC. This CLE course will present an overview of these programs including eligibility, anonymity and the whistleblower process. The course will review the steps needed to file a claim with each agency and explain how claims are analyzed. The course will then delve deeper into the various ambiguities in the whistleblower awards process and p... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Veterans Update: What's New from Congress, The Courts and The VA

    The US has been at war for the past three decades. From Kuwait and the former Yugoslavia to Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, the physical and mental toll on our armed forces has been extraordinary. This CLE course, presented by Commander John Wells, USN (Ret), Chairman of Military-Veterans Advocacy will explain the origin and purpose of the Department of Veteran Affairs, and try to simplify the seemingly endless regulations and procedural issues and potential pitfalls involved in their ope... More Info

    1.6General Credits
  • The Firm Perspective on Monitoring and Protecting Against Financial Crimes

    Don't miss this session covering financial crimes from a firms' perspective. This CLE session will cover a wide range of tactics, red flags, and mitigation strategies associated with fraud, insider trading, cybersecurity, and money laundering. Key topics include: Effective practices and controls for firms to monitor, protect against, and address AML, cybersecurity, and fraudulent activities. Tips to identify potential red flags for fraud and insider trading, along with guidance on re... More Info

    1General Credit
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