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  • The Ten Worst Ethics Nightmares You Can Have

    Legal ethics are a dangerous area – one mistake can derail your career. This CLE course will present a rapid analysis of the 10 disastrous legal ethics errors you can. The ABA Model Rules of Professional Responsibility are often a solid guide for clarity in the ethical expectations of the legal profession, nothing is more impactful than real-life scenarios. While these errors are not totally inclusive of the challenges facing practitioners today, those actively engaged in the practice... More Info

    1.5Ethics Credits
  • The Ethics of Witness Preparation: Does ABA Ethics Rules Change the Dynamics for Preparing Witnesses?

    Led by a team of highly experienced trial and litigation specialists, this informative CLE course will address the impact of new ABA Formal Opinion 508, “The Ethics of Witness Preparation,”. The course will present the impact of the opinion on counsel’s approach to working with witnesses, including a client, who must testify at deposition and trial. The course will address how the opinion changes the ethics rules as well as discuss the ethical limits when working with favorable witnes... More Info

    1.2Ethics Credits
  • Federal Civil Procedure: Practicing Tips for Federal Litigation

    The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure seem overwhelming. This CLE course will arm you with the knowledge you need to navigate federal civil litigation and walk into a federal courtroom with confidence. Whether your experience is limited, or you just need to brush up, this CLE course will offer a comprehensive overview of the critical stages of FRCP including removal and jurisdiction, discovery, pleadings, evidentiary and pre-trial issues. The course will offer strategic insight into the... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Survival Of The Fit in Criminal Lit

    Success in litigation is a matter of experience and action. This CLE course will reveal the keys to successful litigation. Led by a seasoned attorney with over 40 years of experience, the course will offer practical insights, actionable steps and strategies to help you navigate criminal litigation. More Info

    1General Credit
  • Intellectual Warfare: An In-House Counsel's Guide to Bringing and Defending Against Intellectual Property Lawsuits

    Intellectual Property (IP) is a valuable asset for an organization. This informative CLE course will explain how to identify and utilize an IP to further business goals. The course will explain the types of IP’s that exist, the associated costs with obtaining and maintaining the various types of IP's, costs of IP acquisition, negotiation strategies, licensing, enforcement issues and defensive actions when faced with another’s IP. The course aims to impart wisdom in the IP space as well... More Info

    1.5General Credits
  • Negotiating the Serious and Catastrophic Injury Case

    This CLE course, presented by highly experienced trial and litigation specialists, will address the negotiation and preparation for catastrophic injury cases. The cases presented will require sophisticated, organized preparation and must address essential questions such as how to utilize medical personnel who worked on the case, their purpose in negotiating the case and the other experts needed to address the damages claim. The course will also present negotiations for future d... More Info

    1.5General Credits
  • Jury Selection: Mastering the Challenges and Pitfalls

    Jury selection is an art and picking the right jury can mean the difference between success and failure. How do you find the right juror for your case? What information is important to get from potential jurors? The course will address these issues as well as juror eligibility, tips for bonding with jurors, strategies for determining who to keep and who to strike, and how to get jurors to impart the information you need. The course will explain how to create and make use of questionnai... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Search and Seizure Fundamentals

    Presented by a retired FLETC Legal Instructor, this CLE course will provide an overview of search and seizure law. Beginning with an introduction to the Fourth Amendment, under which the law is categorized, the course will address application issues and present an overview of the various judicially-recognized exceptions to the warrant requirement inherent in the Fourth Amendment. More Info

    2General Credits
  • Negotiating and Settling Tort Cases: Reaching a Solution

    Civil injury and insurance cases can be complicated to negotiate. This CLE course, presented by highly experienced settlement attorneys and negotiators, will outline the 10 most crucial points for successful negotiations. They will also explain the main reasons why settlements aren’t reached. Presenters will conclude with tips and strategies for improving your negotiating skills, and when and how to begin the process. More Info

    1.5General Credits
  • Drafting the Bullet Proof Civil RICO Complaint

    Prosecuting civil actions in Federal Court in situations where defendants engaged in criminal or even quasi-criminal behavior can be aided through Civil RICO complaints. Yet many federal judges are wary of Civil RICO cases and respond by creating OSC hearings or check lists to make sure that RICO claims are both legitimate and that they are pled properly. This CLE course will explain how to establish a ROCI complaint that holds up under Rule 12 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.... More Info

    1General Credit
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