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    Yellowstone Injunctions, a tenant’s only recourse in the event of a landlord who serves him with notice of lease termination for alleged default, is a little understood area of the tenant/landlord negotiations. Used for both commercial and residential leases in New York, the Yellowstone Injunction maintains the status quo of the lease parties until a resolution is found or the issue is adjudicated. In general, a tenant has only 5-10 days between receipt of a notice of lease termination during which time he must either cure the default causing the termination, making an attorney’s knowledge and understanding of the Yellowstone Injunction, which effectively puts the proceedings on hold, absolutely imperative. This CLE course will explain Yellowstone Injunctions in their entirety and explain how to compel the courts to issue an injunction, the injunction process and mechanisms for defending against them.
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    Michael Feinstein

    Michael Feinstein joined Rosenberg & Estis in 1994 and has been a member since 1998. Mr. Feinstein is a smart and insightful attorney, whose strong level of commitment and focus on the big picture and business practicalities has earned him a highly successful record of achievement in the firm's Supreme Court and appellate practices. Over the years, he has successfully handled all facets of real estate litigation, including landlord-tenant disputes, breach of contract actions, real estate partnership disputes, and co-op/condo disputes. Mr. Feinstein also has extensive experience in mortgage and cooperative loan foreclosures, representing both lenders and borrowers. In addition, Mr. Feinstein has successfully represented claimants in condemnation proceedings.

    Mr. Feinstein is also an accomplished appellate advocate, who has argued numerous appeals in the New York State courts.

    Mr. Feinstein has been an active member of various bar association sections and committees, including the Real Property Law Committee of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, the Real Property Law Section of the New York State Bar Association, and the Supreme Court Practice Committee of the New York County Lawyers' Association. Since February 2012, Mr. Feinstein has co-authored the Landlord/Tenant Law column in the New York Law Journal.

CLE is voluntary for Maryland attorneys. To view further accreditation details, please click here.