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Courses purchased through are provided and fully accredited by The National Academy of Continuing Legal Education (50506) and directly approved by the Nevada Board of CLE. To view our full accreditation details please .

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  • Mindfulness for Attorneys: Emotional Wellness & Well-Being

    This thought-provoking CLE will explore mental well-being within the legal profession as we spotlight personal narratives of burnout, recovery, and the challenges associated with mental health. Rooted in authentic experiences, this program provides tangible strategies to navigate stress and attain a harmonious work-life equilibrium. Delve into the early indicators of burnout, acquiring effective techniques to preserve mental health amidst high-pressure environments. Uncover tools that... More Info

    1Substance Abuse
  • Navigating AI Ethics and Detection: Insights for Lawyers and Legal Professionals

    Generative AI has changed the landscape for virtually every business and industry. This CLE course will offer attorneys a solid background of the ethical standards in the legal industry with respect to AI as it stands in March 2024. Given the dynamic nature of the issue, it’s important to take that into consideration. The course will address the recent ABA Resolution regarding the use of ethics in AI, a review of the various areas of ethical considerations in the law, recent case law,... More Info

    2Ethics Credits
  • Legal Research in the AI Era

    AI has been with us since as far back as 1951. Since that time, the advances in AI pertaining to legal research have been noticeable, but typically small. That was true until November 2022, when the large language model (LLM), ChatGPT, was released. Since then, products have been released at a record-breaking pace, all of them using the foundation of ChatGPT. Even Westlaw and Lexis incorporated AI-assisted research features in their newest release. This informative CLE course will expl... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Tax Law Logic for Non Tax Lawyers

    The subject of taxes is a universal legal issue. Whether you pay taxes, file for taxes or are subject to others who do, it’s imperative to understand the foundation upon which determination will be made on what is owed, when it is due, or whether a crime has been committed. These issues are determined by tax law and tax assessments, which are based on principles that provide that foundation and a clear understanding of these is necessary for testing and protecting one’s own tax positions as we... More Info

    1General Credit
  • International Intellectual Property Transactions in Many Countries

    Beginning with a brief review of the fundamentals of intellectual property categories recognized under US law, as well as those of many other countries, and the methods for internationally registering associated intellectual property, this CLE course will then delve deeper into a discussion of issues relating to why protection under these categories is insufficient. The course will address developing business activities that are difficult condense into the traditional IP categories, an... More Info

    1.5General Credits
  • Unusually Important Federal Tax Cases: What Attorneys Need to Know

    This CLE program delves into six recent federal taxation cases that hold significant importance for tax attorneys. It offers valuable insights for business law attorneys navigating the complexities of federal taxation. By examining court opinions, participants will gain an understanding of how federal tax law evolves in contrast to legislative and regulatory processes. The cases discussed in this program encompass various taxation topics including: Valuation of family-held S corporat... More Info

    2General Credits
  • The SSA Disability Sequential Evaluation Process

    Explore the intricacies of the Social Security Disability Sequential Evaluation Process (SEP) through this comprehensive CLE course. Delve into the five-step evaluative procedure employed by Social Security to determine eligibility for disability benefits. Gain insights into the inner workings of the process, understanding the requisite evidence essential for progressing through each stage. Uncover the potential pitfalls, as we discuss whether a case can be lost at any of the five crucial step... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Mortgage Mayhem: What Attorneys Need to Know About Loan Applicant Protections

    Purchasing a home is perhaps the most confusing, time consuming, stressful and yet infrequent transaction your clients will face. As a result, most consumers don’t bother to delve too deeply into the nuances, and simply rely on their loan officer to protect their interests. This is a mistake. For a loan officer, home loans are a “zero-sum” game for the loan officer – the loan either closes or it doesn’t. They earn their commission, or they don’t. Loan officers therefore tend to stack as many a... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Winning Motions to Suppress: Cross Examination of Police for Warrantless Vehicle Searches

    Cross-examining a police officer takes skill and tact. This CLE course will present practical tips and strategies to conduct a successful cross-examination of police officer witnesses in situations where a traffic stop resulted in a warrantless vehicle search. From conducting a thorough client interview/intake form to the cross examination, the course will offer tried and true methods as well as common mistakes attorneys tend to make when cross-examining police officer witnesses. The c... More Info

    1General Credit
  • The Effects of Trauma and Compassion Fatigue on the Lawyer Who Cares

    While lawyers tend to get a bad rap, many are attracted to the legal profession because they care about people and genuinely want to help them. And they live stressful lives as a result, many working incredibly long hours and unable to take a break lest they disappoint their clients. Beyond the typical burnout that most experience, there is a special type of burnout called “secondary traumatic stress” or “compassion fatigue”. The ramifications of trauma and compassion fatigue aren’t discussed... More Info

    1Substance Abuse
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