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  • When One Door Closes: A Primer on Automatic Door Cases for the Premises Liability Practitioner

    Doors are a seemingly innocuous element of our day-to-day lives. Yet surprisingly, they cause frequent damage to patrons of businesses, residences and medical complexes. The liability issues that may result from the simple installation of a door are numerous and attorneys cannot afford to be lulled into a belief that store operators or building owners don’t bear responsibility. This CLE course, designed for personal injury attorneys as well as others, will offer a detailed, introductor... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Challenging the Impermissible Use of Race in Jury Selection

    The issue of the impermissible use of race when exercising preemptory challenges was perfectly highlighted in the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2019 ruling in the case of Curtis Flowers. This CLE course will offer criminal defense attorneys with tools and strategies they can utilize to combat this type of unethical tactic. More Info

    1General Credit
  • Hero-at-Law: The Law and Practice of Representing Comic Book Creators and Publishers

    The past two years has seen important changes in the comic books industry. This CLE course will present the new areas of litigation and transactional work that have developed as well as offer an overview of the fundamentals of representing comic book industry clients. The course will also address the pros and cons of AI-generated works and present a series of new cases which have had a dramatic impact on comic book and graphic novel publishers and their attorneys. More Info

    3.5General Credits
  • Criminal Defense Appeals

    Presented from the perspective of a criminal defense attorney, this comprehensive CLE course will focus on appeals to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeal. Utilizing a practical approach, the course will dramatically increase an attorney’s chance of success by offering tips and strategies for framing issues, the use of key phrases, presenting procedural history and statements of fact as well as other key elements. The course will also address the importance of oral arguments an... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Hot Topics in Employment Law Since #MeToo

    The beginning of the #MeToo movement can ostensibly be traced to when the New York Times published a bombshell expose that revealed decades of abuse and sexual harassment by Harvey Weinstein, a previously untouchable Hollywood mogul. The article, entitled Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for Decades, quotes a partner of the instructors' firm. Five years later, the #MeToo movement, a name inspired by sexual assault survivor and activist Tarana Burke, who years earlier h... More Info

    2.5General Credits
  • Questioning Techniques for Depositions: To Question, Or Not To Question, That Is The Question

    There is an art and a science to taking a deposition and knowing which questions to ask is a key element to taking a great one. This CLE course will present the most sophisticated techniques to drafting questions that will take your deposition from good to great. The course will explain the documents that are essential to crafting questions and how to formulate those questions to achieve your goals. Wording, pleadings, discovery responses, the use of exhibits, audio and video materials... More Info

    2General Credits
  • How Not to Lose Your Case at a Plaintiff’s Deposition

    Defending a plaintiff in a deposition opens up a complex set of potential pitfalls. This CLE course will present a defense lawyer’s perspective on the potential weaknesses and issues that might arise at a deposition. The course will help the participants recognize and overcome these potential issues. Preparation for and deposition of witnesses to achieve goals will be discussed. More Info

    1General Credit
  • Counseling Real Estate Brokers on Common Legal Mistakes

    Training and preparation are critical to providing effective legal services and representation for commercial real estate brokers. This includes ensuring that brokers understand and know how to avoid the risks and missteps that could land them in litigation. This CLE course will offer a comprehensive summary of the most common issues that brokers face (and the lawsuits that may result) and present tips and strategies for attorneys to help prepare broker clients to represent their clien... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Must Know Rules of Evidence

    Rules of evidence are critical aspects to any cases, regardless of whether they go to trial or settle in advance. This CLE course will highlight the most important rules of evidence and explain how they can be used practically. The course will cover everything from complain investigation through the trial process and will offer insight to all types of practitioners from novice attorneys to seasoned litigators. More Info

    1General Credit
  • They Said What! Handling Multiple Consistent or Inconsistent Statements in Criminal Cases

    The challenges in criminal cases are too vast to enumerate. From complicated and seemingly contradictory laws to complex procedures, criminal law can be taxing for even the most seasoned attorney. This CLE course will focus specifically on the witness statement aspect of a criminal case and how they should be handled by attorneys during the investigative and prosecutorial stages. The course will examine a case in chronological order, beginning with investigation and running through tri... More Info

    1General Credit
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