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  • Implicit Bias and DEI Today: Challenges & Opportunities

    Implicit biases, stemming from natural brain processes, influence everyone, including lawyers. Understanding these biases is crucial to anticipating and preventing legal risks. In this CLE course, Professor Bruce Adelson will draw from his research at Georgetown University School of Medicine and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law to explore the impact of microaggressions and bias in the legal profession. Using real court cases and EEOC complaints, he will illustrate how such beh... More Info

    1Access Justice
  • Wetlands Law & Policy: From the Federal Clean Water Act to Local Administration

    This CLE course explores the crucial role of wetlands within the broader context of environmental law, a relationship that has grown significantly since the Industrial Revolution. Wetlands, ranging from small backyard marshes to vital components in global climate change mitigation, are of paramount importance. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the scientific, legal, and policy dimensions of wetlands. Key Topics: A Brief History of Wetlands The different types of wet... More Info

    1.5General Credits
  • The Intersection of Bias and Legal Ethics

    Bias, though often viewed negatively, can shape our preferences positively, influencing our likes for particular things, scents, or people. However, bias can also lead to discrimination. This CLE course will examine the complexities of bias, particularly its dual role within the legal profession. We will explore how bias affects legal practice and client advisement, and provide actionable strategies for identifying and addressing bias. Attendees will gain practical insights int... More Info

    1Access Justice
  • Protecting Your Trademark In The Face of EU’s, GPDR and U.S. Privacy Laws- Case Study and Practical Tips

    This CLE course will explore the growing challenges in identifying trademark infringers on the internet, highlighting the common hurdles faced during the process. It will cover essential knowledge for obtaining relief from trademark violations online. The course will address GDPR and U.S. privacy laws, discussing the difficulties these regulations create in tracking down online-only infringers. Additionally, it will delve into the strategies and practical aspects of securing legal reme... More Info

    2General Credits
  • Silicon Valley Bank: Do Its Outside Directors Share in the Blame for Its Failure?

    This CLE course explores the high-profile collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. This case study examines the factors leading to one of the largest bank failures in U.S. history, resulting from a rapid and massive bank run triggered by the disclosure of severe financial issues. With $209 billion in assets, the bank's sudden downfall sparked intense scrutiny and debate about regulatory oversight and the performance of its senior management team. However, less attention has been given to the r... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Starting, Managing and Growing Your New Practice

    Starting a business is an overwhelming endeavor. Even if you have some clients lined up, managing a business can be daunting, especially for the inexperienced. This CLE course will address business and office management including location, rental issues, staffing, para-legals and law students. The course will also address how to ethically grow your practice through effective outreach and networking. More Info

    1General Credit
  • The Mediator's Toolkit: 15 Strategies Towards A Successful Mediation

    Mediation is often described as an art rather than a science. While it's accurate that there's no singular formula for conducting a mediation, there are proven methods for fostering successful outcomes. The measure of success lies in achieving a Win-Win situation for all involved parties. This CLE presentation will delineate and explore strategies aimed at fostering dignified and productive mediations. These strategies are versatile and can be applied beyond mediation contexts, includin... More Info

    1.25General Credits
  • How To Write a Persuasive Motion

    There’s an art to drafting legal motions. This one-hour CLE course will help practicing attorneys looking to enhance their advocacy skills by offering tools for constructing engaging factual narratives, structuring compelling arguments, and navigating the stages of motion practice. The course will also explain how to master citation formats, address ethical issues and other topics critical to effective motion writing. Useful for both seasoned and novice attorneys, this course offers va... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Navigating AI Ethics and Detection: Insights for Lawyers and Legal Professionals

    Generative AI has changed the landscape for virtually every business and industry. This CLE course will offer attorneys a solid background of the ethical standards in the legal industry with respect to AI as it stands in March 2024. Given the dynamic nature of the issue, it’s important to take that into consideration. The course will address the recent ABA Resolution regarding the use of ethics in AI, a review of the various areas of ethical considerations in the law, recent case law,... More Info

    2Total Credits
    1 Ethics
  • Legal Research in the AI Era

    AI has been with us since as far back as 1951. Since that time, the advances in AI pertaining to legal research have been noticeable, but typically small. That was true until November 2022, when the large language model (LLM), ChatGPT, was released. Since then, products have been released at a record-breaking pace, all of them using the foundation of ChatGPT. Even Westlaw and Lexis incorporated AI-assisted research features in their newest release. This informative CLE course will expl... More Info

    1General Credit
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