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  • Criminal Defense of #MeToo Cases

    The #MeToo era has resulted in more and more public sex crimes trials. This CLE course, presented by sex crimes defense attorneys and former federal prosecutors will discuss the nuances of sex crimes trial defense. The course will touch on unique criminal defense issues that should be considered during the investigative, pre-trial, trial and post-trial phases of a sex crimes case. The course will address strategies for using experts, how to address confessions and inculpatory s... More Info

    1General Credit
  • "Sweat Equity" in Small Businesses and Venture Startups: The Legal and Tax Issues

    Issuing shares that are (nearly) tax-free is relatively simple when a small business or start-up first launches. When a shareholder or LLC member receives “sweat equity” or shares in exchange for labor, the tax and legal issues become a bit more complicated. This entertaining, fast-paced CLE course will explain the issues of treating “sweat equity” workers as regular employees as opposed to independent contractors, as well as explain the use of restricted stock, options, warrants and o... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Let ‘em Play! Sports Litigation and Extraordinary Remedies

    The relationship between sports leagues and their teams is complex, particularly the legal aspects. From that perspective, are they one entity, joint ventures, partners? And what happens when there is conflict between them? This CLE course will address the main potential causes of action and affirmative defensive as well as potential remedies. The course will analyze potential disputes and explain how to approach them, what to look for and tips for quick resolution. Beginning w... More Info

    2General Credits
  • Winning Dog Bite Cases for Plaintiffs and Defense Tactics

    Surprisingly, dog bite cases are more common than one would think. This CLE course will offer tips and strategies for successfully litigating dog bite cases. The course, presented by a former prosecutor turned personal trial attorney, will explain the different types of dog bite victims, with a special focus on child victims and address the potential pitfalls one might face in these cases. The issue of presenting damages, preserving evidence will be presented. More Info

    1.75General Credits
  • Prepping Clients for Depositions in Federal Cases

    This CLE course will offer newer attorneys a basic understanding of how to properly prepare a witness called to testify as a client representative pursuant to F.R.Civ.P. 30(B)(6). The course will explain the purpose of a deposition, document review in preparation for the deposition and tips and strategies for witness testimony preparation. The course will also address biochemical stress reactions which warn to be aware of prior to depositions. More Info

    1General Credit
  • Diversity and Race in Jury Selection

    This fascinating CLE course will look at jury selection from the historical lens of diversity and race. The course will examine how the “all white juries” of the past resulted in infamous miscarriages of justice and how the Supreme Court has addressed the racial discrimination in jury selection going all the way back to the 1880’s. The course will take a particular look at New York State courts and how they have recently addressed this issues and then zoom out to look at what other sta... More Info

    1.25Ethics Credits
  • Handling Current Legal Ethical Issues

    Remote work became the norm during COVID-19 and with it many practical issues arose, particularly for attorneys. This CLE course will address some of those issues particularly with regards to discussing personal legal matters with work employees. The course will present examples of attorneys acting as overzealous advocates for their clients and how that can result in lawyers crossing ethical boundaries. More Info

    1.25Ethics Credits
  • War Crimes, Sanctions & The War In The Ukraine: A Review Of The Legal Aspects Of The Current War & The Laws That Apply

    Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a series of allegations of war crimes against Ukrainian civilians have been lodged against Russian forces. These allegations claim that Russia has carried out deliberate and indiscriminate attacks in densely populated civilian areas. Claims have been made that the use of cluster munitions – a weapon prohibited by 100 states because of the immediate and long-term danger they pose - have unnecessarily exposed civilians to immeasurable harm through the... More Info

    2.25General Credits
  • Handling Liens in Personal Injury Cases

    Statutory liens are part of every personal injury case. Known as “leeches” in the industry, these are often state-specific. This CLE course, designed for practiced as well as new attorneys, will approach the issue from a general standpoint and will focus primarily on those typically encountered in standard practice. The course will address ERISA, Medicaid, and Medicare and will offer a topical outline as well as reference to the continually updated manuals that are most helpful... More Info

    1.25General Credits
  • Protecting Your Intellectual Property and Valuable Data Through the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

    How prepared are you to bring a civil action under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act? This CLE will offer an assessment of how to prepare to bring a civil action, the statute’s scope and its legal requirements. The course will also review the Supreme Court’s recent interpretation of this stature in Van Buren v. US as well as alternative causes of action you can take to protect your data from company insiders. More Info

    1General Credit
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