Frequently Asked Questions

When you purchase courses from us an online account is created for you that includes our free, exclusive CLE Tracker. Your courses are placed into your account and you can access them at any time and with any device (desktop, laptop, mobile device, iOS/Android App, etc...).

Yes! You can begin your on-demand courses at any time of the day or night and you can pause, stop, and log out at any time and resume the course at a later time. Our course player will remember where you left off and resume from that point on, even if you log in from another device!
Yes! Our courses can be played on any PC or Mac and on any mobile device.
Our courses will work on your phone through your normal internet browser without needing to install our mobile app. If you would like to take advantage of extra features such as saving your courses to your device for watching them offline (for instance a flight with no WiFi) you can install our mobile app. You can find more information about our mobile app here: CLE On-The-Go Mobile App.
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