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    Did he leave a will? Are the parties amicable? Is it the fiduciary or someone affected by the fiduciary who is being represented? These are the three variables that typically arise after someone has passed away and in New York, all of these are handled in Surrogate’s Court. This CLE course will focus on the progress of such cases in Surrogate’s Court. The course will review the various departments of the court including administration, probate and accounting and how each one should be best approached. Anecdotes, case law and real-life situations will be presented as a means to explore the relationship between each department and the variety of cases that may arise.
  • Instructor Bio

    Barry Seidel

    Barry Seidel opened his own practice right after school in 1982 after reading the book “How to Go Directly Into Solo Law Practice , Without Missing a Meal”. After starting in “general practice”, his career has evolved through several phases. He started and still runs a “per diem service” for other lawyers, covering a high volume of cases in Queens Supreme and Civil Court. He currently focuses his law practice in the Surrogates Court, handing probate, estate administration and kinship cases. In addition, he writes, speaks, teaches and consults regarding law practice, entrepreneurship and the “business of law”.

    He blogs about law practice issues at He also runs seminars and workshops for attorneys seeking to improve their practices.

    He welcomes you to drop him a line and connect on LinkedIn or on Twitter @nylaw2law or e-mail him directly at