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    In mediation, the goal is for the mediator, a third-party neutral to guide parties in dispute to a resolution, what’s known as a win-win. The process is meant to maintain the dignity and humanity of the parties and successful mediation comes to a mutually agreeable resolution without unnecessary conflict. Nevertheless, there are some traits that people apply to mediators who engage in this process.

    This CLE course, which has been divided into four distinct process categories, offers a comprehensive overview of the mediation process. These categories are affective behavior, cognitive behavior, mediation and the parties and mediation and the process. This course will explain how understanding and adhering to the process requires the highest levels of human capability.

  • Instructor Bio

    Martin Rosenfeld

    Martin Rosenfeld graduated, Cum Laude, from the New England School of Law in 1982. He has worked as an Assistant Attorney General for nine years in Connecticut. Martin is also an ordained rabbi (Yeshiva University, 1975). He has incorporated mediation work in both his roles as a rabbi and attorney since 1996. Martin trained in mediation in the Center for Conflict Resolution (Chicago,IL) and at the Mediation Training and Consultation Institute (Ann Arbor, MI.).

    He currently lives in Fair Lawn, NJ where he conducts a mediation practice and is on the New Jersey roster of family and commercial mediators. Martin is a member of the Bars in NJ, CT, IL and NY. His writings appear on the website My blog can be accessed at Martin has also served as an arbitrator in over 100 cases.