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  • Diversity and Race in Jury Selection

    This fascinating CLE course will look at jury selection from the historical lens of diversity and race. The course will examine how the “all white juries” of the past resulted in infamous miscarriages of justice and how the Supreme Court has addressed the racial discrimination in jury selection going all the way back to the 1880’s. The course will take a particular look at New York State courts and how they have recently addressed this issues and then zoom out to look at what other sta... More Info

    1.3Ethics Credits
  • Statutory Interpretation: Do the Words “because of… sex” Include “Sexual Orientation” and “Transgender Identity”?

    The statement “…because of sex”, one that now appears on anti-discrimination forms, disclosures and even advertisements, are an essential aspect of employment discrimination. This CLE course will address this term within the context of discrimination and present prior United States Supreme Court litigation such as Hopkins and Oncale which raises the question of whether sexual orientation and transgender identity were included in the statutory definition of sex. The course will... More Info

    4.1General Credits
  • Section 230: Kings of the Internet

    Offering immunity from civil liability to the heads of online social media companies, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) empowers these leaders to delete, modify or censor material they may deem objectionable. The act also gives them the freedom to ban or de-platform individuals at their discretion, thereby making them the gatekeepers of the discourse on platforms that provide most of the world’s information. This CLE course will address the constitutionality of granti... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Successful Negotiations in Presidential History

    “The Art of the Possible” is often used to describe negotiations. This CLE course will be presented within the context of US presidential history to analyze both successful and failed negotiations and what we can learn from them. The course will cover basic principles of negotiation and the changes that resulted from World War II, negotiations surrounding the civil rights movements and war and peace on a national and international scale. The course will also address the role of America... More Info

    1.5General Credits
  • Legal Liability of The Cruise Industry for COVID-19 Related Injuries and Deaths of Passengers and Crew

    Suits by passengers against cruise lines have risen dramatically recently as many are related to damages from the COVID-19 pandemic. This CLE course will examine these cases as well as ship-owner liability to crews under the general principles governing Maritime Law and the Jones Act. The course will pay particular attention to claims for emotional distress in circumstances where passengers were exposed to the virus and then quarantined regardless of the fact that they had not contract... More Info

    1General Credit
  • Litigating False Claims Act Cases

    Under the False Act (FCA), citizens are entitled to sue in the name of the government in order to recover monies owed as a result of “false claims” or fraud. FCA cases are not immediately served to the defendant but rather are filed under seal in order to provide government attorneys with the opportunity to investigate claim and determine if they warrant further action. The statute has been used to a great extent in recent years and in many cases the government has determined that private coun... More Info

    1.1General Credits
  • Crimmigration Essentials: What Attorneys Need to Know

    Offering a basic overview of Crimmigation, this CLE course offers guidelines on how to defend your non-citizen clients when charged with criminal offenses. The course offers a time-proven analysis which provides the bearings needed to protect your practice and your clients. More Info

    1.1General Credits
  • Policing under Section 1983: The Year in Review

    Policing in America has experienced a huge upheaval as well as advanced scrutiny over the past year. This CLE course will help you stay on top of new developments including residential searches under Caniglia v. Strom, intent to restrain as a seizure under Torres v. Madrid, and residential arrests under Lange v. California. The course will offer an overview on the top ten ways that policing in the post-George Floyd/Breonna Taylor may impact your practice and address issues such as qual... More Info

    1.7General Credits
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